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Residential and Commercial Roofing

We've Got You Covered!

Welcome to GT Roofing LLC! We provide residential and commercial roofing services to the residents and business owners in the Centralia, WA area. Regardless of whether you live in a bungalow, mobile home, or a large farm house, we've got you covered. We can tackle any shape, size, or style of roof and provide you quality service at the same time.

Next time you're thinking of replacing an existing roof or installing a new roof on a recently built home; think of GT Roofing LLC.
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Skylights? No Problem!

At GT Roofing LLC, we are more than just your average roofing company. Skylights are a great way to bring extra light into your home, and bring brightness and beauty into any room in any home. We would be more than happy to install a skylight for you in your home or business.

Call for Maintenance!

It's very important to ensure that your roof is always well maintained, and that any minor repairs are taken care of in a timely manner before they turn into a bigger problem. At GT Roofing LLC, we would be more than happy to maintain or make repairs on your roof, so that you can extend the life of your roof for as long as possible. Call us today!